Week 2: The Role Posture Plays in Improving Your Tennis Game

Posture plays a vital role in improving your performance on the court. But, what is Neutral Posture? What role does it play in your performance and how do you find your Neutral Posture? Neutral Posture is when your body is in correct alignment; where all body parts are supported by the right amount of muscle tension; where the nerves are unobstructed allowing the blood to flow without restriction and relieving stress on the joints. There will be an ease to your body because through extension of the body, you create internal space enabling the body to work more efficiently. There will be a release of the tensile energy bound in the global muscles and movement is done with less effort allowi

Week 1: Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga for Tennis Players

Tuning into the Australian Open, I was not surprised to hear commentators already discussing which players were entering the 2016 season with injuries and ailments and which ones were healthy. With the high demands of a season that seems to never have an off-season, how does an athlete maintain good health while still training hard and competing at a high level? Yoga has received a lot of attention in recent years and we now see many elite athletes who now include it in their training program. How does yoga help tennis players physically and mentally? 3 ways yoga helps us physically Balance Some of the most common injuries incurred from playing tennis include but are not limited to lower le

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