Week 6: Mindfulness & Proprioception in Tennis

Hopefully, by this point in the series you have begun to make some connections in your body through awareness of your posture and breath and how daily movements feel when practicing them. Congratulations, you have already begun to discover the mind/body connection! This week, we will take a look at how this connection helps to improve your proprioception and is integrated into your tennis game. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment without judgment of yourself. Have you ever found yourself up 40-love and you end up losing the game which potentially leads to losing the set and the match? What actually happened here? You were one point away from closing the game out and that coul

Week 5: The Power of Breath

We have all been breathing since the moment we were born. We breathe our first breath upon arrival into the world and we will leave after taking our last breath. All the days in between we breathe 21,000 breaths a day; yet we only utilize a small portion of our lung’s capacity. Learning to unlock the powers of your breath could make a key difference in your performance on the court, as well as your quality of life off the court. This all begins with bringing awareness to your own breathing patterns. A tennis match is a series of short bursts of high intensity movements followed by shorter and longer rest periods. On a local level, a match lasts between 1-1/2 to 2 hours in length requiring

Week 4: Core Strength & Stability

I believe Roger Federer to be one of the most graceful tennis players of all time. He seems to move across the court with such effortless ease that I often feel he goes home and choreographs his matches. Besides having an outstanding team behind him that we all wish we had, it is his core strength and stability that gives him his dynamic court movement. Where strength of the core was once thought of as having six pack abs, we now know this is far from the truth for core stability. Core stability, for an athlete, is about being strong enough to come back to their center of gravity. Imagine running for a wide forehand where you are reaching, almost off balance, to hit the ball. What allow

Week 3: The Neglected Feet

Ankle sprains rank among the top five injuries for tennis players; yet most players walk on to the court without ever doing any prep work for their feet and ankles beyond making sure their shoe laces have been tied! The foot and ankle is a complex region with many joints, bony structures, ligaments and muscles. It functions as a base that supports the rest of the body. It provides adequate flexibility to act as a shock absorber for the body as well as being able to accommodate uneven terrain. It also acts as a lever during the push-off phase of walking. Having a good foundation in your feet, leads the way for structural integrity in the body creating the infrastructure for technical accur

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