Week 8: Yoga for Improving Mental Strength in Tennis

I recently read an article on Mental Toughness. In it, the author asked questions about the audience’s confidence level on court, about being able to play great in practice but not in a match, or losing to a lesser player. The author made the statement that all of these things could ‘easily’ be corrected by mental training. Forgive me, but I don’t find anything ‘easy’ about mental training. It takes dedication, practice and perseverance to overcome many of the challenges a tennis match can create. With focused work and the right game plan, you can be sure to see improvements in your court performance. This week we will look at some techniques you can incorporate into your training progra

Week 7: Yoga for Speed & Agility in Tennis

Yoga for speed sounds like an oxymoron since yoga is often about slowing your body down. It may be a little easier to understand how yoga might make you more agile on the court but how can it make you faster? We are now beginning to build upon the foundational layers created in the previous blogs and everything starts to come together as a whole unit. Speed is defined as ‘the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate’ (Google Dictionary) and agility ‘by the ability to explosively start, decelerate, change direction, and accelerate again quickly while maintaining body control and minimizing a reduction in speed’ (Google Dictionary). Posture and Good Mechanics - I cannot

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