2017 Reflection - Holy WOW!

Happy Holidays! December is always a time of great reflection as the current year comes to an end, and the new one is about to begin. With new beginnings comes the excitement in knowing “THIS is the year that things will be better.” I will lose those 10 lbs I gained since Thanksgiving. I will get back into the gym or I will start taking a yoga class because I’m told it will help my stress levels. But lets pause, take a breath and look back at the year that has passed, a little too quickly for my liking. Honestly, I am not where I expected I would be at the current moment in my life…however, I prefer to take a journey back in time and see what was accomplished this year - overcoming fears l

Week 10: Cooling Down with Yoga for Tennis

We all know the importance of the Cooling Down period after working out or competing. It is equally and just as important as the warm up. We, however, often let distractions get in the way of affording our bodies the opportunity to begin the regeneration process which prepares us for our next session on or off the court. Creating your cool down program can be based on some, or all, of the movements below. Ultimately you want to create a program that focuses on your individual body needs to open areas of tightness, and use techniques that focus on areas that are prone to injury. Purpose of Post Court/Training Cool Down returns the body temperature, respiration and heart rate back to normal

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