Conscious Eating

“Well, of course I am conscious when I am eating, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat. Right?" Or, “I am conscious that I am eating everything that is on my plate!” Or even, “I am conscious that I shouldn’t be eating an entire bag of chips, pizza or box of cookies; but I am going to do it anyway!” Well, sort of, but that is only part of what I mean by Conscious Eating. Conscious Eating is about being present in the moment when you are eating! When was the last time, other than a holiday, you sat down and enjoyed a meal that lasted longer then 15 minutes? How often do you eat a meal by yourself, whether at your desk, in the car, or even in a restaurant by yourself? Do you eat in front of the

Simplify Your Life -- Amplify Your Future

Recently I offered to cover a yoga class for another teacher. The regular class I teach is 75 minutes long and this particular class was on the schedule as a 60 minute class but I was told to cut it to 55 minutes because the next class always comes in raring and ready to go! WOW! 20 minutes shaved off class…in my world, that is huge! Ask any teacher! I thought about how, sometimes, students rush to make it to class, slightly huffing and puffing when they arrive and it may take them half the class to find peace of mind to then to be shuffled out in a hurry — talk about defeating the purpose of taking a yoga class, not to mention that I now had 20 minutes less teaching time! This could have

It’s ALL about YOU!

Blink Blink Blink… A whole week has passed by and 2018 is on its way!!! Thank goodness for warmer days here on the East Coast after the below freezing temperatures we have been experiencing! I am really surprised to see so many of those New Year’s Resolutions are already collecting dust on the piece of fitness equipment purchased for last year’s resolution. So, I decided to do a SHOUT OUT that… SELF-CARE IS A NECESSITY NOT A LUXURY!!! In my business, I see it ALL the time; a client who consistently gives up ‘their’ self-care time for someone else — whether it be a family member, someone related to business, a friend or possibly their favorite charity. They somehow feel it is okay to put the

Bring in the New & Let Go of the Old!

Happy 2018!!! Get ready for a rip roaring year in 2018. I am so thrilled to be back writing again and to share with all of you the topics you have asked to read and/or learn about. Definitely send me your thoughts, ideas & questions! Some weeks will build upon others and some will be random topics that pertain to time, season or well, just because it was on my mind! Do you ever wonder why it is so easy for some people to stay lean and get into shape and why you struggle almost daily and feel like you are stuck on the hamster wheel? Every week is a new week but by Wednesday the voice inside your head says “good try but there is always next week!”. Nutrition is probably one of the more comple

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