Walking the Walk

I sat at my desk with my eyes glued to the computer screen as my fingers typed away feverishly. I scanned up and down the screen and then again up and down the screen two more times. I was in total disbelief. I tried blinking my eyes a few times - you know when you squeeze them tightly and then slowly open them - to make sure this isn’t just a REALLY bad dream. As I opened my eyes and the screen came back into view there It was, plain as day, in black and white... DECEPTION This was the furthest thought from my mind (although a few of my friends might have warned me) when I had put my faith and trust back into a situation. I felt myself gasp a bit and quickly remembered to take a deep breat

When the Pendulum Swings

When I was a kid, I used to go out in my front yard (sometimes after dinner) and just letting my arms fly as I spun myself around and around in a circle until I was completely out of control and often fell on the ground laughing. It was such a liberating time in my life. One where I completely trusted the Universe would have my back and land me safely on the ground…well, sometimes I crashed pretty hard but I always got up with a hardy laugh. Now a days, letting go of that control is so much harder. I feel guarded with many things I do and often wonder “what would it take to get that freedom and trust back like when I was ten years old?” How do we begin to let go and trust that ALL will be

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