what they are saying...

I had a wonderful series of sessions with my coach, Bonnie.  She helped me with many things on and off the court.  She taught me interesting and useful breathing techniques, which I use in many different situations, including when I’m stressed or frustrated on the court.  Bonnie didn’t only help me with the physical part of the game; but she also taught me how to think positively on the court, and showed me different things I could say to myself in different situations'.

- Junior Tennis Player

There are three things that I look for in a trainer/teacher: knowledge, empathy and experience. Bonnie has that all and then some. I am a former professional baseball player and even though I am done playing, I still train just as hard as I did when I played. As a one on one yoga pupil, I started with Bonnie to help relieve stress and pressure off of my low back and hip. What I gained was so much more. She not only helped relieve stress and strengthen my weak areas, but I also learned how to breathe, become better balanced, when to push myself and even more importantly know when NOT to push myself. These things didn't just help me in the gym or on the field, but also in my everyday life. 


One of the things that I appreciate very much about Bonnie as a teacher is her willingness to help you understand the whys.  Why when you wake up in the morning you have to pay attention to how you feel as soon as your feet hit the floor. Learning all the concepts and ideologies from Bonnie helped bring such a better overall wellness and awareness to my life that I didn't have before I started with her. 


Bonnie also cares. A lot! She was always trying to understand me, and how I would respond to the program we were on. She wanted to know what was working and not working to better help me progress. Her ability to take all things into consideration (work, family, stress, health) definitely helped her know when to amp our sessions up and when not to. 


I'm very grateful for not only the improvement to my body, but also my mind and spirit. 

Chris Vasami

Professional Baseball Player

I am 83-years old and Bonnie has been my trainer and has kept me in shape for over 15 years .  I know everyone likes to say this, but it’s true for me that everyone thinks I am 15 years younger and my body fluidity is a good part of the reason.  I had been through a couple of trainers before but either their abilities or their personalities were problematic.  Bonnie and I clicked immediately.  She is really good to work with and to spend the time with and she really knows the human body and how to keep it at its best.

– Joanna Watson, happy client

I just wanted to thank you for making your class available at Proform. I really enjoyed it! I typically do only restorative classes and I was nervous that your class might be more of a challenge than I desired but it was exactly what I wanted. Can you arrange to have the beautiful day and breeze accompany your next class too!?! I'm looking forward to the next class. 


-Feeling grateful!

If you are an athlete that wants to take his or her game to the next level w better performance or aspire to achieve overall fitness, Bonnie Strati is your best choice for personal coach.  Initially I met Bonnie as an opponent in a tennis match many years ago.  I knew that she was a personal trainer and  body builder as well as a mother but after I injured myself for the 2nd time, I knew that I needed to change my fitness goals and routine.  The court brought us together again and after listening to my list of injuries and stresses, she persuaded me to try her new way and method to approaching athletics, health, and inner peace. Various practitioners  in my past had recommended that I add more "restorative" types of exercise to my routine, but I wasn't ready to let go of the need to push myself to the extremes.  Injuries followed.  Bonnie helped me recognize and let go my need to push - that through breath and yoga movements I can achieve the same goals, create a more balanced body for tennis, and handle the stresses of everyday life.    She is extremely professional, dedicated, knowledgeable and a lot of fun to work with. I only see her once a week because of my budget, but she follows up with me to see how I am feeling and helps redirect me to a positive path until we can regroup in person in our weekly sessions.  I will also add that because I had a serious back and hip injury, she reached out to my physical therapist to ensure that her plan for me was safe and supportive of his overall recovery plan.  It worked!  I'm back on the court, competing again with her philosophy and practice as my safeguard.  What I like the best is that w Bonnie's support, I actually believe now that less is more which is a good thing as I try to juggle multiple priorities as an older athlete that still aspires to success in competition within the limits of a 40 something body, and dealing with the stresses of parenthood and life's curve balls.  I am actually practicing what she teaches which is a huge accomplishment  for me.  She truly is a coach.  I am very grateful for her guidance and support on and off the mat!

- Amy K, New York