Yoga Sports Coaching

  • Looking for the missing link in your sports training program?

  • Looking to perform at a higher level?

  • Dealing with a nagging injury that just won't heal?

Train smarter, not harder!  It is so true...more does not equal better.  My less is more approach gives you the understanding of what your body needs to perform at a higher level for a longer duration while you decrease your risk for injury.

Focusing on breath work, you will learn how to integrate the power of breath through movement patterns which transfer onto the court or playing field!


My unique style gives my clients the opportunity to see the results they desire and may have been stuck achieving.

Private Sessions

Work with me in the comfort of your home or on the playing field where you will discover your true potential as an athlete.


Step 1 - In depth assessment to discuss your history, your current state of health &, your goals


Step 2 - Program Design - a unique program is created just for YOU!


Step 3 - See & feel the results - including but not limited to aiding in your recovery between trainings & competition.


Step 4 - Be the best YOU can BE!

Group Sessions

I am available for small group sessions (2-6 people) & Team sessions. Please contact her for availability and pricing if you are interested in setting up a program for your group or team.  


Give your team the gift of having the edge in your sport!