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Bonnie Strati

Built Stronger, from the Inside Out


To be “IN THE ZONE” whether on the playing field or in life, EVERYTHING is in SYNC and LIFE is EASY!  The road to get there is the JOURNEY!  The journey is about the self discovery to creating the life you want to live.


  • Improve your workouts to feel stronger. Improve your performance and recover faster between workouts and competitions.  Understand the role getting on your mat plays in giving you the opportunity to be present in the moment. 

  • Increase your knowledge of what your body requires when it comes to nutrition.

  • Discover how making more time for the things you love to do increases your overall ability to perform and create. 

​Repetition + Consistency = Sustainability


I am dedicated to helping you, as an athlete, maximize your sport’s performance whether it be recreational, semi-pro or professional while minimizing your risk for injury through techniques designed specifically for your individual needs as well as the demands of your sport.

Yoga Sports Coaching

Work with me in the comforts of home or on the playing field

Nutrition Coaching

This service is available both in person and remotely

Personal Training

  This service is only offered locally to Greenwich, CT

Online Training

All services available virtually. Contact me for details of online yoga, training & nutrition coaching.


what they are saying...

I really enjoy my time working with Bonnie. I have worked with other trainers in the past but Bonnie is the first one that has truly helped me understand what is going on with my body. She explains why certain movements on the tennis court, in yoga, lifting weights, running, are difficult given where I have tension and then creates exercise routines to loosen up tight hips, shoulders and chest to give me the freedom to do what I really want to do, which is play tennis. One of the things I find most interesting about Bonnie's exercises is that I don't really feel like I am doing anything strenuous but when I am done, all of my joints move better than they did before. 


Tennis Player

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Yoga Sports Coaching - Nutrition Coaching - Personal Training


Located in Greenwich CT

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