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2017 Reflection - Holy WOW!

Happy Holidays!

December is always a time of great reflection as the current year comes to an end, and the new one is about to begin. With new beginnings comes the excitement in knowing “THIS is the year that things will be better.” I will lose those 10 lbs I gained since Thanksgiving. I will get back into the gym or I will start taking a yoga class because I’m told it will help my stress levels.

But lets pause, take a breath and look back at the year that has passed, a little too quickly for my liking.

Honestly, I am not where I expected I would be at the current moment in my life…however, I prefer to take a journey back in time and see what was accomplished this year -

overcoming fears

leaping over obstacles (literally)

and discovering life is an amazing adventure if you just let it be!

In late March, I was invited to go on a hike and I heard myself saying ‘sure'. Five years ago, there was no shot in hell you would find me in the woods - visions of bugs, animals and snakes would have paralyzed me from even thinking about going. On this particular day, that thought wasn’t even on my mind and since that day, I try not to let a week go by without at least one hike. Hiking, alone, has allowed me to gain strength and overcome some fears I never imagined I could and, of course the peace and tranquility of the mountainside is incredibly tranquil.

Dancing through April showers

One day in April while perusing FaceBook, I saw an ad for dance lessons…come and take a 1/2 hour private lesson. Hmmmm…why not I said to myself. What have I got to lose.

So, I nervously headed up to Stamford to take my first ballroom dance lesson EVER! I figured it would be like my first tennis lesson with a new pro…a complete FLOP! However much to my surprise, I had FUN!

Wow…all my life I thought I had not been gifted with a great sense of rhythm but I decided I was up for the challenge and signed up for more lessons. To date, I will not dance with anyone but Sasha, but I know he is working on this with me and I may just take that leap of faith some day soon!

Do you see the pattern forming here? Well, I did! Two new, totally unrelated ventures that took me out of my comfort zone in two months time! What would be next? I was aware that I couldn’t plan these events. The first two had just appeared in front of me and if I opened myself up, more opportunities would appear and I could choose if I was up for the challenge! And, as I soon discovered I WAS!

May’s Energy

In May I attended an Energy Healing workshop/training. Something I was interested in but unsure about working with others, especially in such a sensitive area as energy! Today, this training helps guide me in my physical work with people.

The Spartan of June

June had me, literally, hurdling obstacles in Tuxedo, NY at my first Spartan Race…mud faced and all! (See photo below)

July - Back on the Mountain

I went camping for the FIRST time in MY LIFE! Sleeping with the scary thought of bears and snakes as I slept (well…maybe I didn’t sleep so well) and no quick escape from the fears that I quickly discovered were part of my wild imagination!

August brings my singles game out of retirement

Having given up competitive singles in 2006, I came out of retirement for tournament play with one of my local USTA teams…this was more of a mental challenge than a physical one as after 10 years, my mind had a different idea than what showed on the court! I managed to pull out the W at crucial moments and was proud of myself that I NEVER GAVE UP!

September - I am a Coach

I decided to start coaching 5th/6th Field Hockey because - 1. I was asked; and, 2. at that point in time I was trying something new once a month and it appeared in front of me so I was convinced it was something I was supposed to try. I was definitely frightened of falling flat on my face with this one and quickly discovered that I LOVED it! Hoping more opportunities come my way!

October Teaches

I was asked to start teaching group yoga classes again…yes, this was an honest fear of mine to get back in front of groups in a gym setting after being out of it for a long time!

November - Wine & Painting

I joined my girlfriend to celebrate my birthday at a Muse Paintbar and yes, my painting was good enough to hang on my bedroom wall! (see photo below)

December - New Website goes LIVE

After working on my new website for most of the spring, it was put on hold for the summer only to come back in the fall and lose half my work!!! Frustrated after all the work I had put in, I hunkered down and worked hard one early December weekend so, take a peak

In retrospect, I had a pretty awesome year when it came to stepping outside of my comfort zone, dedicating some quality time to ME that has increased my confidence, diminished many fears and down right just made me feel good!

I don't plan on stopping here...the more we open ourselves up, the more great things appear in front of us!

Here are some tips on becoming the best YOU possible!

  1. Commit to one thing per month Whether it be exercising 12 times in the month, reading a book a month, or making sure you connect with a dear friend once a month. Whatever it may be, commit to something and make sure you mark your calendar so at the end of 2018 you can look back on your accomplishments.

  2. Be thankful on a daily basis. We often get so caught up in daily routines that we forget to stop and be grateful for the little things that make our day special. The saying goes ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ but I am going to add remember to ‘smell the sweet stuff’. I am always so grateful to bring a cup of coffee back to bed with me in the morning and I savor the quiet time I have there!

  3. Try something new Our brains release dopamine one of the neurotransmitters that makes us happy!) at the rush of something novel.

  4. Face a fear This one can be the most challenging but most rewarding. I am not saying to go jump out of an airplane if you are afraid of heights but start with something small. Something that you haven’t done because you may fear not being good at it. Life is one big experience and everything is about learning. Pay attention to what you are learning!

  5. Journal Take notes. With all the technology we have at our fingertips, it is easy to keep track of the amazing things we are accomplishing! Write about it and in December 2018 you can look back and surprise yourself at all that you have done!

Looking to get out of your comfort zone or take your game to the next level? Contact me today to set up a complimentary consultation and let 2018 be the BEST year EVER!

You can also Join me at Clay Health Spa on Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 9:00-10:15 for an Empowering Yoga Class. Contact me for details about how to receive a complimentary day at the club. Anyone that signs up for a membership receives a special discount because we are friends…please contact me if you are interested!

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