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Bring in the New & Let Go of the Old!

Happy 2018!!!

Get ready for a rip roaring year in 2018. I am so thrilled to be back writing again and to share with all of you the topics you have asked to read and/or learn about. Definitely send me your thoughts, ideas & questions! Some weeks will build upon others and some will be random topics that pertain to time, season or well, just because it was on my mind!

Do you ever wonder why it is so easy for some people to stay lean and get into shape and why you struggle almost daily and feel like you are stuck on the hamster wheel? Every week is a new week but by Wednesday the voice inside your head says “good try but there is always next week!”.

Nutrition is probably one of the more complex topics to talk about because there are so many variables - genetic makeup, age, sex, amount of movement per day, food intolerances and the list goes on.

Today’s blog is NOT about good foods vs bad foods, diets and or quick fixes. We can get into that a little later in the year. This is about the habits surrounding your nutrition program.

Bottom line…

Can we control the outcome?


Can we control our ACTIONS?


It is our ACTIONS that can CREATE our HABITS

I am pretty sure most of us have that one (possibly more) habit(s) we just can’t seem to break free from. The determining factor is, HOW MUCH is that habit impeding on YOU achieving your weight loss or healthy lifestyle goal AND what habits can you implement into your life to begin to see positive results?

Interestingly, a Habit by definition is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”. Habits often have a negative connotation as we speak more about bad habits than good ones But, by definition, a habit is something that is 'hard to give up' so why not just make it something you will benefit from? Focus on creating extraordinary habits and you will have an awesome chance of diminishing the habits that no longer serve you, right?

Easier said than done!

Maybe not as difficult as you think!

Let’s break these habits down to one single habit. What is one valuable habit you would like to add to your nutritional program In January? Take a moment and think about it…

For me, I struggle to drink enough water through these colder months.

I am going to commit to increasing my water intake to a gallon (plus) a day. (You may want to add more vegetables into your nutrition plan or increase your calories for energy).

What tools will I use to assist me in reaching my daily goals?

1. Reminders - Simply, LOTS of reminders until my body begins to crave a sip before the alarm goes off on my iWatch. This is especially helpful when I become engrossed in whatever I am working on and drinking water sits low on my priority list!

2. Game Plan - Develop a game plan, Create the steps using whatever modality works for you. I will use the Drink Water & Reminder app which allows me to set as many reminders, as I need, throughout the day to assist me in reaching my daily goal.

3. Get Educated - I love to learn and when we educate ourselves we better understand the benefits instead of relying on “they say it is good for you”. Anyone who knows me knows that in my next life I am coming back as a “they” giggle giggle! Learn to discover your own whys!

I have added the book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj to my reading list. This is the 3rd edition of this book originally written in the 90’s.

Stay tuned for more information on how pure water can help you to live pain-free and healthier…what a great concept! So, if you want to learn why a certain food is advantageous for you to eat or to understand why you struggle giving up that afternoon muffin, pick up a book and READ!

4. Keep Track - We can not measure our success without some kind of feedback so, you will need to keep track of your actions. As I posted in my last blog, journaling is an awesome tool and you can add how good you are feeling or the times when you struggle. Being aware of your challenging times will give you the opportunity to seek out the assistance you need to get through the challenges. It is okay to ask for help!

As mentioned above, I will be using the Drink Water & Reminder app on my iPhone. I will be able to keep track of how much water I am consuming on a daily basis.

5. Set yourself up for Success - Drinking a gallon (plus) of water a day may be a stretch for some (if this is a habit you would like to work on) then start off with a smaller amount for the first week and increase it by a set amount each week. You will still find success and work towards improving your overall health! Start small but recognize when you can challenge yourself a little and GO FOR IT!

Focus on this ONE habit for at least four weeks (you can extend it to longer than four weeks if you feel you need more time). Keep track of your intake and at the end of each week, view how often you completed your tasks each day? If at the end of four weeks you have been successful then continue with this focus but get ready to add a another habit in for the next four weeks.

The months ahead…

Plan your first-class habits in advance and prioritize them so you can visualize where you are going. Don’t worry about stopping any unhealthy habits unless they are seriously affecting your current state of health. Instead, focus on the priceless changes you are making for yourself and see how this will create a positive chain-reaction in your life.


I can’t stress enough to focus on one habit at a time…if you take it ALL on at once, you are likely to set yourself up for failure! Set yourself up for SUCCESS in 2018!

Feel free to comment on this post or to my FaceBook page - share your story - you never know who you will inspire!

Are you ready to make those changes and finally break through the struggles that have plagued you? Contact me today for a complimentary consultation and let’s get you on the road to a healthier YOU! Click here to discover other services I offer including an online nutrition & fitness program that will guide you through daily practices while receiving support from me!

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in”

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